We’re men with a passion to succeed in
business, family and life by following
God’s call to finish the race with excellence.

The Men of Business Men’s Fellowship

The men of BMF are from every walk of life. We are christian business owners in all different types of industries. We are of all ages, from every race, ethnic background, and denomination. Some of us were raised in the church while others were not. We are simply you!

And the men of Business Men’s Fellowship are involved in a variety of marketplace ministry activities that are changing the culture of the workplace. Some chapters sponsor highly successful golf tournaments to benefit other ministries or programs. Others sponsor sports programs to benefit youth organizations.

Some chapter members visit nursing and retirement home residents on a regular basis, letting them know that God has not forgotten them in their final years of life. And other BMF members regularly visit local correctional facilities, bringing inmates the good news and opportunity for change through Jesus.

In other words, the christian men of BMF are individuals who have been moved by the love of God to reach out to others in practical as well as spiritual ways. They are men with a passion for the souls of others and are committed to answering the call to “go and preach everywhere.” They are in fact, men just like you – Christians in business who have been moved to make a difference!

Core Values

We are united by a set of core values that guide who we are and how we would like to be known:

1. Bible – Guided by the Word of God.
2. Prayer – Intimacy with the Father.
3. Holy Spirit – Power for ministry.
4. Integrity – Wholeness in body, soul, and spirit
5. Discipleship – Equipping for Kingdom assignments.
6. Servanthood – Serving Christ by serving all men.
7. Fellowship – Strengthening your brothers.
8. Evangelism – Passion for the lost.
9. Ambassador – Being about the work of the kingdom.

The National Organization

The Business Men’s Fellowship is a non-profit member-based organization of christian men who see the necessity of bringing together God and business. We are men whose lives have been transformed through relationship with Jesus Christ and we understand the pressures of the workplace and what they can do to a man, his family, and his business.

We’ve come from all walks of life and backgrounds, with a myriad of experiences but we share a common calling: relationship with a living Savior and a passion for marketplace ministry. We have discovered the peace that Jesus promised to us even in the midst of difficulties.

Most people forget that Jesus was a businessman, a carpenter. He understands the stresses and obstacles we face in the marketplace on a daily basis. So, yes, God really cares about us, as men, and our business! Our goal is to undertake an effective marketplace ministry with that knowledge and vision.

The primary place of action for BMF is the local chapter where testimonies of businessmen present a clear example for men in business to choose to live a Spirit-directed life and effectively mix God and business through Jesus Christ. This is where Business Men’s Fellowship endeavors to answer the challenge of the Great Commission of Jesus. It is how we believe we can help change the culture of the American marketplace.

At the local level, members elect leadership from chapter officers to National Directors. Though each chapter operates independently, chapters fall under the leadership umbrella of the National Organization. Our National Service Center is located in Oakland, CA.

Twelve elected men sit on BMF’s National Board of Directors. BMF also has a Spiritual Advisory Board.

The national organization recognizes that each chapter of Business Men’s Fellowship is unique and understands that different localities have different preferences and needs. BMF has developed operational guides, each offering a unified direction for the organization. These operational guides allow enough room for chapters to run meetings based on their unique combination of membership, culture, and business community while maintaining the vision and priorities of Business Men’s Fellowship.

Financial Accountability of the National Organization

BMF is a non-profit organization and a member in good standing with the Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability. Visit www.ecfa.org for information on the practices followed by BMFUSA.

BMF’s National operating expenses consume less than 10% of our annual revenue and responsible stewardship has allowed BMF to develop new materials and programs for its members and chapters. The National organization is funded through membership donations and the ongoing contributions of members and supporters.

Members are able to make tax-deductible donations to both the national organization and the local chapter. Many chapters and members also contribute on a regular basis to the national outreach fund to advance the work of BMF. If you’d like to learn how to start a chapter in your local region, visit our discipleship resources page to learn more.

Mission and Vision

The men of the Business Men’s Fellowship are changing the culture of the marketplace by impacting men for Christ, empowering them with God’s Spirit, and dedicating their lives and resources to bring the message of salvation through Jesus Christ to the world.

Our History & Beliefs

Read about the History of BMF.

Responsibilities of the National Organization

The responsibilities of the national organization include, but are not limited to:

  • Operating National Service Center to respond to the needs of BMF members and chapters.
  • Creating publications and tools for use by the local chapter and members.
  • Serving as an umbrella of leadership to local chapters with national leadership being elected by local representatives at an annual meeting.
  • Convening as a Board to provide direction and a roadmap for chapters to follow.

Our National Board and Staff

The Business Men’s Fellowship Board

Ronny Svenhard, Chairman
Bill Keith, President
Gary Passero, Vice President
Mark Miller, Secretary
Chris Davis, Treasurer
Wendell Nordby

The Business Men’s Fellowship Staff

Dian Scott, Director of Administration

All donations are final and non-refundable