We’re men with a passion to succeed in
business, family and life by following
God’s call to finish the race with excellence.

Starting a Chapter

Getting Started – The Core Group

It only takes one man with a vision to start a chapter, and only two or three to form the Core Group. Core Group members are Christian men in business who have an awareness and concern for other men in their sphere of influence who do not know Christ as Savior.

1. To begin, contact the BMF National Service Center at 1-800-263-8981 to discuss the process of starting a Chapter.

2. Once an agreed upon Chapter location is confirmed, a Core Group box containing everything you need to start a Chapter will be mailed to you.

3. Next, form a Core Group by inviting other like-minded Christian men in business to join you to plan a new BMF Chapter Organizational Meeting.

4. The Core Group Meeting box contains: (a) Chapter application and IRS registration forms to be completed and returned to the National Service Center, (b) two packets for prospective restaurants/meeting places outlining the mid-week one-hour breakfast or luncheon programs, (c) informational folders for Core Group members, (d) a promotional DVD.

5. Preparing for the Organizational Meeting: When the meeting time and place are established, the Core Group should begin to invite other Christian men in business to the organizational luncheon or breakfast. Ask those you invite to bring other Christian businessmen with them to explore the BMF mission, vision, and purpose.

6. Contact the National Service Center (NSC) at 1-800-263-8981. Inform the Director of Administration of the estimated number of prospective members invited. An Organizational Meeting box will be mailed to you.

7. The Organizational Meeting Registration Table: At the meeting room entrance, conveniently place a welcome table with an attendant receiving payment for the meal. Have a basket for guests to deposit their business cards.

The Organizational Meeting

Agenda for the Business Men’s Fellowship Organizational Meeting:

1. Open the meeting with prayer dedicating the Chapter to the “Lord of the Harvest.” Share the mission, vision, and purpose of the Business Men’s Fellowship to reach men in business for Christ. Show the BMF DVD.

2. Review each Guest Pocket Folder item with your guests.

3. Close the meeting with a challenge for men to become members and continue inviting both guests who need Jesus as Savior and Christian men to become members.

Organizational Meeting Resource Pack

The Organizational Meeting Resource Pack contains packages of informational materials for future meetings, pocket folders for guests, and instructions for your
Organizational Meeting. Included are:

1. Items for your display table: membership applications; mini personal testimony tracts; BMF chapter & membership handbook; a variety of informational brochures; instructional tracts on sharing testimony; etc.

2. A DVD with three items: The vision and purpose of BMF, two 30-second commercials to advertise the BMF ministry; and a sample of the president’s monthly DVD.

3. The Guest Pocket Folders include items that clearly define the BMF mission to reach the business communities of our nation for Christ. Items included in the Guest Pocket Folder are:

  1. Pamphlets on preparing your personal testimony,
  2. A variety of informational folders:
    • The founding of BMF and our vision and purpose
    • Strategies to Reach Today’s Busy Businessman
    • An Effective Schedule for the One-Hour Program
    • Navigating the BMF Website
    • An application for membership in BMF
  3. Membership in BMF: Invite those present to join BMF in our mission to bring the salvation and life of Christ to the marketplace.

Future Resources

Additional resources are being created all the time please continue to check back for future updates.

All donations are final and non-refundable