Our goal is to conduct powerful, impactful,
one-hour meetings to which you can invite
friends, clients, and co-workers.

Chapters & Meetings

Local Chapters

The national organization recognizes that each chapter of Business Men’s Fellowship is unique. The men of BMF understand that different localities have different preferences and needs and BMFUSA has developed operational guides, each offering a unified direction for the organization. The operational guides allow enough room for chapters to run meetings based on their unique combination of membership, culture, and business community.

The local chapter operates its finances independently of the national organization. When a new chapter is created, the BMF National Service Center assists the local leadership in completing the requirements for their chapter to be certified under the umbrella of the BMFUSA’s 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

About our Meetings

The foundational activities of Business Men’s Fellowship are brief, but effective, breakfast or luncheon meetings conducted during the work week. We recognize that our world has changed, and the life of the businessman hasn’t gone unaffected. Today’s businessman is busier than ever, juggling work duties with family responsibilities, and if he’s lucky, finding a few precious hours for rest and relaxation.
Our goal is to conduct a powerful, impactful, one-hour meeting to which you can invite friends, clients, and co-workers. We try very hard to adhere to a streamlined time schedule in order to facilitate everyone’s professional needs.

During these meetings, casual meal conversation presents networking opportunities as well as the opportunity to share brief personal experiences with Christ. Our guest speaker then presents a testimony of his personal journey to faith in Jesus Christ. The aim is to show how Jesus Christ has transformed his personal and business life and helped him discover his God-ordained purpose.

Our meetings are generally held in a local restaurant or hotel private meeting room.

Finding a Meeting in Your City

Search for meetings in your area by using our convenient search function. If you don’t find a meeting in your city, we encourage you to consider your part in reaching your local business community and contact us about partnering with other Christian businessmen in your area to start a meeting.

Starting a Local Meeting

Business Men’s Fellowship meetings are all conducted by local chapter members. Chapter members choose to schedule meetings according to the particular preferences and needs of their locality. Breakfast and luncheon meetings are conducted specifically to meet the needs of men in business. Some chapters do hold dinner meetings open to both men and women. It doesn’t take a huge group to form a chapter. One man with a heart for his business community can be the foundation stone for a local chapter.

Our Focus

Our sole focus is ministering to you and your needs. Mounting pressures in the marketplace take a toll on a man’s body, mind, spirit, and family. For many, peace is a far-distant dream, and hope is non-existent. But, you don’t have to live that way. Are you tired of the struggle, juggling work and family responsibilities, and aching for an hour of rest? BMF holds convenient breakfast or luncheon meetings as an oasis of support, encouragement and enabling for the challenges of life and the workplace. Join us today at a chapter meeting near you.

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